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Baseball - Fri, Oct. 2, 2015

SHREVEPORT, La. - The LSUS Pilots baseball team continues to serve in every way they possibly can and as time will allow.  Their latest demonstration of servant-leadership came from these three seniors: William Breland (SR/Natchitoches, Louisiana), Jared Vial (SR/Luling, Louisiana), and Reno Dupuis (SR/Lafayette, Louisiana).  The trio of seniors took time out of their schedule to help conduct a youth baseball practice.  "Senior leadership is critical in every program.  These three guys continually lead by example and we were not surprised at all when they volunteered once again to do something for others," commented LSUS Head Baseball Coach Al Cantwell.

The team they helped isn't just another youth baseball team to the LSUS Pilots.  The 7 – 8 year olds on this team (Rangers) is led by a former Pilot name Ian Doiron. Dorion, who finished his collegiate career as a pitcher for the Pilots in 2001 – 2002, now works for Phillips Energy.  Dorion is one of LSUS Baseball Team's biggest fans and was able to get his company to be the title sponsor the inaugural LSUS Baseball Hall of Fame banquet.  The second annual Alumni Weekend for the baseball team will be combined with senior weekend this season and will be held the weekend of April 29 – 30.  Be sure to make plans now and know you will see the likes of Ian Dorion in attendance.

As it seems to always happen, when people set out to serve others, the blessing turns full circle.  All three Pilots' seniors said they thoroughly enjoyed working with the kids and they felt like the ones receiving the blessing.  Jared Vial stated "It was a great experience and fun helping young kids who are starting to play baseball.  I think as a college athlete it's one of our responsibilities to give back to the game we play and kids in our community."  Reno Dupuis, senior pitcher for the Pilots, added "I enjoyed being out there today and helping those boys.  Being with them reminded me how important my little league coaches were and it was also a nice reminder of how simple the game of baseball really is."      

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